No, it’s not because I think everything bad is not my fault. 🙂 During my study at the university I needed a website with a domain to do some web development tasks. Therefore I needed a domain. What name should I choose? All the good ones were already taken, what a surprise. At that time I was busy with analyzing BSODs and also used Mark Russinovich’s tool NotMyFault.exe (which is part of the Sysinternals family) to force BSODs. And then I spontaneously thought – well, why not just taking Domain registered and done. Some months later I started my blog and decided to use the domain I already own, that’s basically the history behind the name

7 years after I registered the domain I can say that the name really sometimes fits, it’s when I’m writing about software bugs not caused by me. 😉 It would be my fault not to share it because it hopefully helps other people like it helps me when I know the latest issues with newer products. It’s definitely not to blame the software vendors. Everyone with a developer experience knows that completely eliminating bugs is almost impossible with a new release. But troubleshooting issues is very time consuming and it saves one a lot of time if hit a certain bug/issue if you already know that you’re not the only one experiencing it. And that’s my goal when I’m writing about bugs/issues, it’s about saving you time I already spent before.