Adobe solved the z@ tmp files issue

Back in 2014 I posted about these z@ tmp files that are sometimes created by Adobe Acrobat (or Reader) in the temp Folder and cannot be deleted anymore afterwards because they are still in use (see post here).

Adobe finally solved the issue in Adobe Reader 11.0.14, released in January 2016. See the release notes here:

2 thoughts on “Adobe solved the z@ tmp files issue

  1. I don’t know about 11.0.14. But my Adobe Reader is 8.1.0 and I am getting files like Z@R4C71.tmp (a whole list of them) that I can’t delete. I just didn’t get this program. Had it number of years. I got a update of Flash (three types)
    I run Windows Vista32. Just started getting temps that you can’t delete. Wanted to write to Adobe but they don’t have a support e-mail I can write to. It pisses me off.
    I can restart and they clear the temp but then come back. Can you help me at least with Adobe e-mail support-Not with some BS FAQ or Blog

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