GoPro Importer causes high CPU usage

I bought the new GoPro Hero 4 Black edition camera in order to make some recordings during my Australia trip that will take place the whole January 2015. After installing GoPro Studio, I observed a constant high CPU usage (20-50%) caused by WMI Provide Host. That high CPU usage was caused by GoPro Importer. It’s a startup executable that constantly checks if the GoPro cam has been plugged into the computer. After having removed it from the startup list, the issue disappeared.

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  1. Hi there, I found the exact same thing… troubleshooting for malware and such to find what was causing the cpu to spkie like that, and as I was troubleshooting I thought, let me just exit GoPro importer… AND IT WORKED… Was actualy busy trying to see if GoPro guys know about the flaw in their software… there seems te be allot, for instance, it does not even work on my desktop pc, I have to edit vids on my notebook!!! known issue that has not bee resolved as yet…

    Anyway, enjoy

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. That was the same thought I had at the beginning…malware. It looks like the software has been developed in a bad way, it’s polling very often if the gopro has been connected instead of getting notified from the system when that happens. Anyway, enjoy the cam 🙂

  2. Hi Guys, after hours of looking at MSCONFIG and Task Manager I have concluded the same, there is 2 bugs as mentioned , I can no long import videos and convert them only on an earlier version of the software and secondly the WMI Provider Host is running at a constant 9 – 11% of CPU time. The guys at GOPRO hopefully resolve this as I am sure a lot of users wouldn’t ever know where to look to fix or find the issue.

  3. hi, i have exact same problem.
    this program was messing with my computer performance a lot.
    i walkthrough all troubleshooting with battlefield 4 getting really crazy, because none of tips solved my hanging issues. i reinstalled windows few times but after installing gopro studio with importer problem was back. i realized it after longer time. 🙂
    after disabling it in startup everything works normal.
    hope gopro will solve this problem

    (this problem presist in version)

  4. Exact same problem…. brand new Asus M32 series PC, WMI Provider Host maxing quad core at 100%…. removed Importer from startup and now everything is fine…

  5. Discovered the same issue in my i5 Surface Pro 3. 50% cpu usage until i removed GoPro Studio. Didn’t understand why the battery life on the nearly new Surface Pro had got so poor.

    Now I know its the GoPro Importer, I can re-install the software and just disable the Importer.

  6. A solution I found to keep using gopro studio without the gopro importer problem is simply going to:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\GoPro\Tools
    And delete the “Importer” Folder

    Everything else will still work fine, that importer is useless anyway.

  7. Hi guys,

    I am not sure at all that GoPro will solve the problem beacuse I mentionned this problem to their support and got one of these stupid answers like: “Are you sure that yous system fulfills the system requirements of GoPro Studio?”.
    At least we have the bypass of disabling the automatic startup!!!

    Best regards.

  8. ***************SOLUTION: Windows 7***************
    Go into “System Configuration” by doing the following:

    1) Click the Windows START button on bottom left of screen.
    2) In the “Search Programs and Files” search box, Type CONFIG.
    3) Click SYSTEM CONFIGURATION from the results to open the program.
    4) Click the STARTUP tab in the system configuration window.
    5) Scroll down the list to find the GOPRO IMPORTER item.
    6) UNCHECK the box in front of the GOPRO IMPORTER item.
    7) Click OK.
    8) REBOOT computer.
    9) ENJOY.
    10) Please Visit my webpage to thank me. 🙂

  9. I have a monthly data allowance of 10GBs per month. I investigated my high data usage and noticed GO-PRO importer was chewing up .5 GB every third day. After removing the GO-PRO importer, I’m now chewing up 1 GB every week, which is normal.

  10. I had the same problem, but actually discovered it because it was generating a whole lot of download traffic!! So I think it taxes WMI provider host not because of listening for a camera, but because of a lot of network activity… what is GoPro hiding?

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