Office 2010 Language Pack download issues in SCCM

I came across the issue that the download of the “Office 2010 language pack” packages didn’t work. It was downloading the package into the local client cache, but then stopped at one point. It was always a different time it was stuck. After checking the SCCM  log files, I couldn’t find any indications. What finally solved my issue was the IIS log file:

OFFICE11/1031/FPNWIND.MDB – 80 – IPAddress Microsoft+BITS/6.7 404 7 0 187

As you can see in red, there was a problem downloading the .mdb file because the status code 404.7 means File extension denied. I was having in mind that there is a Request Filtering option in IIS that prevents the access of files with a specific extension. By default it doesn’t allow the access of .mdb files. So I have removed this rule and afterwards the client was able to download .mdb files via HTTP.

There was an additional 404 status code that I had to resolve:

MSSHARED/WEBSRVEX/60/BIN/1031/NORTBOTS.HTM – 80 – IPAddress Microsoft+BITS/6.7 404 8 0 171

The slightly different status code 404.8 indicates Hidden namespace. That’s as well a filtering option from IIS that needs to be changed (see screen shot). Under Hidden Segments I have removed Bin because this was a folder in the path the the above listed .htm file.

After the listed changes I was able to download the full package locally to the client.

Request Filtering in IIS


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