Mouse pointer issue in XenApp 7.x

You might experience a mouse pointer issue if you have both XD710ICATSWX64003 and XD710ICATSWX64004 installed (the mouse pointer is jumping around). This is a known issue, Citrix is working on it. I will update that post when it’s fixed.

Update 17.09.14: Should be fixed by ICAWS750WX64008

9 thoughts on “Mouse pointer issue in XenApp 7.x

  1. Hi and thanks for this interesting blog page you have here.

    Yes, this is definitively still an issue. Looks like the ICAWS750WX86007 hotfix for Desktops is out, but still nothing for Server VDA’s?

    Kind Regards

  2. I just tried ICAWS750WX86007 on my win7 32 7.1 VDA (XenDesktop) and it still has mouse issues so that’s not a fix either.

  3. I’m currently testing ICATS750WX64008, which removes/replaces XD710ICATSWX64003 & XD710ICATSWX64004

    XA7.5 can now finally be use with a mouse! Yay! Progress!

    It still shows the weird flicker when drawing windows and particularly in the start menu on 2008 R2 the flicker impacts performance because the start menu highlight that follows the mouse is still flickering quite badly….

  4. Another update.

    After some more testing, ICATS750WX64008 still has some problems when moving the mouse. Especially when performing ‘click & drag’ operations, the mouse cursor will start going nuts again.

    • Hi Christoph,

      Thanks for providing an update on this one. It seems to be a more complex issue. Do you experience the issue as well with legacy graphics mode?


      • Hi Michael,

        I can now no longer reproduce the issues I had with ICATS750WX64008.
        I believe that the issues I saw where potentially related to very high network latency (~300ms).
        So, it seems that ICATS750WX64008 should address the mouse jump issue without introducing any further problems …

        No, legacy graphics is not affected by any of the problems that the H264 Enhanced Codec (aka DeepCompressionV2 codec) has.


  5. Hey Christoph,

    Thanks for the update, sounds like the issue has been finally fixed. We switched to legacy mode, mainly due to other issues with adaptive gen2, so I’m not affected of the issue right now. BTW – using Adaptive gen2 doesn’t necessarily mean that the H264 Codec is used. If your client doesn’t support it, it’s going to use the CompatibilityEncoder. That’s the case for all Wyse Thin clients with ThinOS. It’s in their pipeline to support the H264 codec and will be release end of this year / early next year.


  6. i have same issue but i dont got 008 hotfix yey
    i enabled legacy mode sp my 2008r2 desktops is ok now but 2012r2 is sabe problem with high bandwith utilization .. (ie office specially)

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