Citrix Monitor Service – Memory Leak

Based on my previous post, I want to add another bug. This time it’s a memory leak on the Citrix Monitor service that frequently happens on the XenDesktop 7.1 DDCs (it takes all available memory). The Director cannot be used when you experience the memory leak.

The issue is known and there is a private hotfix. In case you need the hotfix, request it from the Citrix Support.

Update 20.08.14: The issue still exists in XenDesktop / XenApp 7.5. There is another private hotfix for 7.5. Unfortunately it’s still not yet released.

Update 07.10.14: I just got a final hotfix for that issue. It’s still yet not released for public. In case you need it, create a Support case and refer to XD710BrokerSvcWX64002 for 64bit and XD710MonitorSvcWX86002 for 32bit.

7 thoughts on “Citrix Monitor Service – Memory Leak

  1. Hi Michael, can you share the the reference number for the private hotfix so I can ask for it via Citrix Support?

  2. Did you ever actually receive a Hotfix from Citrix? The reason I ask is because I just contacted them with the information you posted above and they are unable to find any Hotfix for the issue, regardless of whether it is Limited Release or Public. If you have the actual Hotfix number that would help a lot!


  3. Hi Cliff – I just double-checked the SR number and it’s correct. It is not a limited nor a public release of the hotfix. It’s a private hotfix that I received. That’s why there is no hotfix number available. This is the subject of the case: #62537499 – Memory leak in Monitor Service.
    Hope that helps…

    Regards, Michael

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