Surface Pro 2 – issue with wifi latency

The new Surface Pro 2 finally arrived at home:


Unfortunately the new type cover 2 is still on the way, will hopefully arrive today.

So this post is about a strange behaviour I have observed. that there is a high, unual latency when my Computer is connected to the WLAN. It is from 50ms to more than 200ms delay. Sometimes I also had some ping loss when constantly pinging the Gateway. I finally figured out what causes the issue. It’s a power option. By default there is a power saving mode enabled for wifi Adapters. On battery, it’s set to Medium Power Saving. After I changed that to Maxiumum Performance, the latency issue disappeared.


This power saving mode would be a good functionality, but having such a high latency in a WLAN on which the delay is usually below 10ms, is not acceptable. Hopefully there will be a fix for that.

I’m not sure if this is a general problem with Windows 8.1 or with Surface Pro 2 Hardware, or even a combination of both. But it has to be fixed by Microsoft.

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