Samsung Series 7 Slate

I bought the new Samsung Series 7 slate PC on my birthday. It’s an excellent product! My intention is to replace my notebook and iPad with this slate. I wanted to have a “Tablet PC” that is running with a Windows OS and not with iOS. The problem I came across with the iPad was that I couldn’t use the applications I was used to. I was very much dependent on the available apps. On the other side, on my laptop I can use all needed apps. But I’m not that mobile as I am with a tablet PC. Therefore the slate is the perfect mix between a laptop and a tablet/iPad.
What I especially like is using OneNote 2010 on the slate. I started to write my notes digitally and not anymore on paper. The Ink to Text function works like a charm! I will add more information to my blog as soon I can find some time.


  • Boot time is very short!
  • Good performance in general
  • Writing with the pen is great, the slate detects the pen even before it’s touching the screen
  • In general I like the design of the hardware and their quality
  • Battery can be used for 5-7 hours (depends on what is running)


  • After a while, the handwriting recognition for German didn’t work anymore (only English). After I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate and installed the German language pack, it worked again. But anyway, something is strange because in the beginning this worked, and I believe after I have installed som Microsoft patches, it stopped working. I would have understood the problem if it existed from the beginning, but that wasn’t the case.
  • The change of the screen rotation is a bit slow

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