Reporting Point in SCCM 2012 not working

I faced the issue that the Installation of the Reporting Services Point worked, but no Report could be displayed in the SCCM console. After a check in the “SMS_SRS_REPORTING_POINT” component Status, it was clear that there seems to be an issue:


I finally figured out that there is an issue with the SQL Server Reporting Services. When I tried to Access http://servername/Reports (where servername is your SQL Server with the Reporting Services component installed), there was again a message that no connection could be established to the ReportServer DB. So as a test, I created a new DB for the SQL Server Reporting Services (you can do that with the Reporting Services Configuration Manager) and…guess what…the Reports then showed up in the SCCM console. So there was an issue during the Initial Setup of the SQL Server.

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