Change Appv 5.0 Beta Publishing interval

After some tests with the App-V Publishing Server and the Management Server, I noticed that there is a publlishing interval configured. Means that every change you do in the Management console (i.e. publish a a new App-V package) will take some time until it’s published for the App-V clients. I just published a new App-V package to a client and could see it. So I opened the xml file with the policies. You can open this file on the Ap-V publishing server. Just open the link you have configured during the installation:


Of course appvpublishingserver must be replaced by the real name of my App-V Publishing server and Port is the port I have configured during the installation.

As you can see on the screen shot, there is no configuration/package shown in the xml file. After I was waiting several minutes, I have seen that the xml files was updated. I found out that there is a refresh interval that can be set in the web.config file located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Server\PublishingService\Web.config (depending on your installation path of the publishing server). There is a default refresh of 10 minutes configured (600 seconds). You can change this value accordingly in order to have your changes published earlier and of course also later.

<add key=”metadataRefreshInterval” value=”600″/>

After I have change the value from 600 to 30 seconds, my policy changes were aplied within the next 30 secons which is much more confortable for me, especially in a test environment.

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